Columbarium and Prayer Garden

Window onto the sun rising on the ocean

We invite everyone to the dedication of our new Sculpture on April 28th in the Columbarium/Prayer Garden, immediately following the 10:00 Church service. Below is the history/inspiration of this lovely piece.

Through the window I can see the warmth of the sun brushing the rhythm of the waves, flickering the light into eternity.

The sun is a driving force of life providing the necessary energy for all beings to thrive in their environment. It warms the souls of those who are in need and provides the light for us to see the way to truth and happiness. The ocean symbolizes the continuous movement of the world around us and our busy lives. The sun gives the power of perseverance to walk the narrow path or float the boat in becoming a citizen of world embracing all beings with compassion and tolerance.

This sculpture is dedicated to William Paschal Mabry whom I met at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2008. We shared a passion for art, sculpture, the sun and the ocean. He reached out to me on my first day of soccer training, knowing I came from France he welcomed me with my differences and we remained friends ever since. Thanks to the Mabry family and the Central United Methodist Church for making this project possible. It is an honour to commemorate the life of a great friend through my art.

May this artwork stand as a reminder that the power of light will always shine through darkness, as good will shine over evil.


Art in Provence


Sergio Ruffato is a Franco-American artist born and raised in Aix en Provence, he received his BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2012. He was also nominated for the International Sculpture Center Outstanding Student Achievement Award and was recently selected to exhibit in the National Salon of Beaux Arts at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris. He now spends part of the year working in a studio run by his family in Aix en Provence, France and the other part he spends traveling and exhibiting his artwork around the USA. Sergio Ruffato is an upcoming artist to watch and an ambassador of the arts between France and the United States.


The Prayer Garden is a peaceful area maintained throughout the year for anyone needing a quiet spot for meditation, reflection or prayer. It is adjacent to the entrance to our church office on Marion Street.

Our Columbarium is located in this garden area. It serves as a place for the inurnment of church members and their families.

The Memorial Wall is available for those who would like to remember family and church members who are buried elsewhere.

Anyone who is interested in the Columbarium or Memorial Wall may obtain information from our church office.

Sanctuary Counseling Group

  • We take a holistic approach to personal and family problems.
  • We are available to help with the emotional, relational, and spiritual dimensions of life’s challenges.
  • We are committed to providing a safe place, a listening ear, a caring presence, genuine respect, quality service, and positive regard.
  • We are dedicated to the healing of heart, mind, and soul.

Counseling and Consultation

As professionals, we offer counseling and psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, families and groups (depending on individual counselor training and experience), as well as education and consultation services. We are men and women of faith committed to honoring each person’s spiritual path and life process. We are licensed, certified therapists and counselors, including ordained clergy, trained to integrate the resources of faith and the behavioral sciences in a compassionate, holistic counseling environment.

You may meet with Central’s On-sight-Counselor,
Stacey Watkins-Griffith, D.Min.,
Sanctuary Counseling Group
at Central Tuesdays and Thursdays by appointment only.
Central UMC Stephen Ministry Room
704-375-5354, Ext 409

Congregational Care

The purpose of Congregational Care is to insure that all church members who are homebound or in a nursing facility and no longer able to participate in church activities, will continue to feel a part of the church family through the efforts of assigned volunteers.

These volunteers provide regular visits, cards, phone calls and assistance with transportation when needed. Volunteers are requested to make monthly contact with these members. The only qualification is a willingness to serve and a commitment to follow through with love and compassion for those faithful members no longer able to attend.

Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry oversees several activities ranging from greeting Sunday morning worshipers to sponsoring new member classes. Sunday morning greeters range from 4 years old to adults. Some of our youngest greeters are responsible for getting their parents involved. Visiting guests receive a welcome note and current information following their first visit.

Praying Together

Central is a praying church. Prayer is a vital part of everything we do. Prayer requests are accepted during Sunday services and other times by contacting the church office or by clicking the Pray tab at the top of the page.

All prayer requests are kept confidential. No prayer requests are considered too small or too large. Our God is able!