Online Giving

Our newest feature is available through our secure membership software, To set up your Realm login click HERE. To make a contribution by credit or debit card click the Online Giving button below.

You may also give by the following 2 ways:


  1. Search for Realm Connect in the app store.
  2. Download the free app and sign in or set up your account by using the invite code: cumcshelby
  3. Android Phones: Tap the 3 bars at the top left then tap GIVING and follow the prompts to give.
  4. iPhones: Tap the GIVING icon at the bottom then tap MAKE A GIFT and follow the prompts to give


  1. Text cumcshelby and ($ AMOUNT) to 73256.
  2. Click the link you receive in your text message response.
  3. Follow the prompts to give.


Online Pledge

To make your 2022 Pledge click the Faith Estimate of Giving Button below (be sure to choose the 2022 calendar year).


Electronic Giving and Draft Authorizations

Did you know that you can also set up your weekly or monthly tithing automatically to transfer from your bank account to the church?

If you use online banking, here is how:

  1. Find your Bill Pay tab online
  2. Set up Central United Methodist Church as a Pay To account (this will require you to put in the address of the church – 200 East Marion Street, Shelby, NC 28150)
  3. Select automatic payments
  4. Enter the amount you would like to contribute, the frequency and duration of your payment (remember that you can always adjust this or cancel the payment prior to the payment date)

If you have special instructions for your contribution, this can also be reflected through the online bill pay screen.

If you have any problems setting this up, you can contact your personal bank to assist you. The payments are received by the church through the mail, entered as a contribution under the contributors name and are deposited as a check.

If you do not have online Bill pay, the church can draft your account just as easy.

Many church members utilize these options already – it is a safe and secure way to ensure your contributions are received.

Please prayerfully consider these alternative ways of making contributions to the church.